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Exhibition about seniors created by teenagers fro


I have always admired intergenerational program "Stories of Our Neighbours" in my country, the Czech Republic, which has existed for six years and connects very active way teenagers and seniors. It is not "only" one visit, but six months of intense work of teenagers from elementary schools. They visit seniors, record audio and video interviews, search in archives and prepare an original presentation as exhibitions, lectures for younger schoolmates. What is the best result? Not only testimonies but sentences as "I have always thought seniors are just old people, but after meetings with them I discovered their amazing stories. Now I would like to record stories of my grandparents," told me Julie Zednikova (14 years old student from Prague 6).

I have searched all around Europe and found out there is no other similar program, so I decided to bring this unique experience abroad.  The first country, where I want to present this program is Denmark, see more details here


Situation in Czech Republic:


- 2 714 participants from elementary and secondary schools (14 – 16 years) from all regions

- 422 elementary schools co-operate with 66 city councils in Czech Republic

- 600 recorded testimonies during six years available on the website of this program



- Audio and video interviews with seniors during

- Six months research in local and national archives

- Exhibitions with historical photos and documents

- Lectures for schools and meetings with seniors



- Preserve historical stories- Improve intergenerational dialogue

- Learn more about the modern history active way

- Improve various skills: organizing, presentation, creative

The program in Czech Republic is organized by the non-profit organization the Memory of Nations , based in the Czech Republic. 


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