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Forgotten stories of survivors

English version of my book about my research of 80 Czech Jewish teens who survived in Scandinavia thanks to foster families.

Visuals from the book

There are historical photos and also portraits of survivors. The book includes 200 photos.

Historical photos

My book In spite of Hitler tells forgotten story about group of Czech Jewish teens in Denmark during the war.

Reunion after 72 years

I organized reunion of holocaust survivors and their families. It is in the second chapter of my book.

Journeys of famous author

Book is result of our project Journeys of Franz Kafka about world famous writer, who lived in Prague. Czech photographer Jan Jindra photographed 70 authentic locations in Europe, where Kafka spent his holiday, I wrote reportage about these locations.

Cover of Czech version

My book In spite of Hitler about group of 80 Czech Jewish teens survived in Denmark was published in 2013.

Visuals from the book

Excerpt from Czech version. Portrait of Dita Kraus, holocaust survivor, photographed by Jan Jindra.

Educational book about survivors

This book collection was published by Jewish museum in Prague. I wrote chapters about interviews with survivors.

Book interview about orthodotx Jews

This is book of Czech photographer Eliska Blazkova, she is an author of photocollection of daily life of orthodox Jewish community Mea Shearim in Jerusalem. I did an interview with Eliska.

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