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When the coronavirus epidemic started in my home country Czech Republic I wanted to help seniors as I expected they will be in danger very soon. I spent 2 weeks at home quarantine as I had health problems.  Meanwhile, I organized a group of volunteers and we started the creation of homemade face masks and deliver them to 45 senior homes in the Czech capital Prague. 

We delivered 20 000 face masks for 3 weeks, thousands of plastic shields and protective aids for seniors and caregivers in the Czech capital Prague.

It was an extremely intense time for all of us as we almost did not sleep during those weeks, but we did not regret. We did it for Czech seniors, for those who survived WWII and 40 years of the communistic regime. Seniors are our heroes!

I really believe everybody can help somehow. Sometime the important contact or recommendation could be extremely useful.

I always remember what said Sir Nicholas Winton, who organized with his team rescue operation and thanks to this team 699 Jewish children went from occupied Czechoslovakia to the United Kingdom during 1939. Winton said: "If something is not impossible, then there must be a way to do it"


By the way: if you are still not sure why are masks so important

- have a look here.

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