I am a freelance journalist, historian and lecturer based in the Czech Republic, but searching for forgotten historical stories all around the world. My parents have the same profession and they always told me: "If you want to be a journalist, you need curiosity, hunger for stories, you need talent and everything else is a mixture of coincidence." Since 2003, when I started to work as a journalist, I focused on historical stories. 

I collect all those detective stories as a puzzle, one piece next to another. I reunite friends after decades, I listen to forgotten stories and share them with young people as a teacher of journalism. When someone asks me: "How would you describe yourself"? I would say:

"I am a storyteller". And one of my friends, holocaust survivor Hugo Marom, for whom I found his step-brother after 72 years, adds: "Judita? She is the women's version of Sherlock Holmes!" 

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