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My PhD project

Letter to a grandchild

Photographic Storyteller

During all those years, which I have spent with stories of elderly people, I became more and more interested in intergenerational dialogue. How we can explain our history to the young generation? What would be the right form for better understanding? I was accepted as a PhD student of Longevity Studies at Charles University Prague, Czech Republic in 2018.

In 2018 I was invited into international 4EU+ project Letter to a grandchild, which started in Warsaw University, later on, continued in Heidelberg University and invited me as an expert from Charles University in Prague. Seniors from Poland, Germany and Czech Republic wrote a letter with advice to their real or imaginary grandchild and share with them their life experience.

I created a continuation of the project Photographic Storyteller as I know that seniors wrote in their letters about lack of communication with teenagers and they mentioned they would like to know more about the daily life of teenagers.

Together with NGO organization SenSen, I organize intergenerational meetings at elementary schools in the Czech Republic, called Photographic Storyteller as I think photography is a great impulse for intergenerational dialogue. 


At the beginning of the event, seniors read their letters to grandchildren and then we have collective activity - the projection of photos with commentary. Teenagers show photos of their daily life activities and comment photos and seniors show photos from their childhood and teenage time. After that, we have a discussion about the daily life of teenagers and seniors and also about stereotypes about both generations.

The result of my PhD is content analysis of Czech letters and analysis of communication between seniors and teenagers during intergenerational sessions in the Czech Republic and in Denmark. 

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