My PhD project

During all those years, which I have spent with stories of elderly people, I became more and more interested in intergenerational dialogue. How we can explain our history to the young generation? What would be the right form for better understanding? I was accepted as a PhD student of Longevity Studies at Charles University Prague, Czech Republic in 2018.

I created my PhD project as an inspiration for all teachers and students, who would like to connect the oldest and the youngest generation through storytelling. 

I have always admired the intergenerational program "Stories of Our Neighbours", which exists since 2013 in the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland and also in the USA. Teenagers visit seniors, record audio and video interviews, search in archives and prepare an original presentation as exhibitions, lectures for younger schoolmates.

The first part of my project is focused on Czech schools. I want to prove that this program has an important impact on teenagers. So I am doing qualitative and quantitative research with participants. 

The second part of my project will be in Denmark. I did historical research with senior for five years and me want to bring this inspiring program to Danish schools (elementary, secondary or efteskole). 

The final result of my PhD project will be a comparison of qualitative and quantitative research with Czech and Danish participants. 


- Audio and video interviews with seniors during

- Six months of research in local and national archives

- Exhibitions with historical photos and documents

- Lectures for schools and meetings with seniors


- Preserve historical stories- Improve intergenerational dialogue

- Learn more about modern history active way

- Improve various skills: organizing, presentation, creative

The program in the Czech Republic is organized by the non-profit organization the Memory of Nations, based in the Czech Republic. 

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