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Tourism Restarter 


I have been travelling all around the world not only as a tourist but also as a journalist. I always see the concrete location from two perspectives: as a foreigner and as a journalist.  Now it is time for tourism restarter, so you can attract tourists to your location and also find out more about your presentation from tourists and journalistic perspective. 

I will explore the terrain of your location, analyze the current presentation of the city from the perspective of foreign tourist and journalist. I will prepare a proposal for changes in the presentation and a proposal for a press trip so that this offer will be interesting for journalists in your locality. I write travel articles (see below in photo gallery) for the main Czech lifestyle weekly magazine Vlasta (160 000 readers/ week) and also I can connect you with Czech journalists and inform them about your activities in the town. 


Also, my very favourite activity in co-operation with the official website of CzechTourism, where I publish stories about lifestyle, historical and cultural topics. I am also communication manager for 14 regional offices of CzechTourism in the Czech Republic.

Do you need more tourists at your location? Order my tourism restarter kit! More details on my tourism website.


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