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Judita Matyášová

tel.: +420 724 905 379


born 1979 in Prague, Czech Republic



2018 - present

PhD student of Longevity Studies at Charles University Prague, Czech Republic. More info about the PhD program here

2015 - 2017

Master degree, Oral History and Contemporary History,

Faculty of Humanities, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic

2008 – 2011

Bachelor of Art, Faculty of Creative writing and journalism

Literary Academy of Josef Škvorecký, Prague, Czech Republic

Work experience as a journalist:

04/2020 - present

journalist of official tourism presentation of the Czech Republic

07/2017 – 12/2018

PR manager at Press department, Czech centres, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Czech Republic - writing press releases, communication with media, articles for social media

05/2017 – present

Freelance journalist in Czech weekly women magazine Vlasta, interview with inspiring women, travel stories

01/2006 – 12/2008

PR manager at Press department, Czech centres, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Czech Republic - writing press releases, communication with media, articles for social media

2003 - present

Freelance journalist in main Czech newspapers Lidové noviny. Historical stories, interviews with personalities from cultural and historical life, exhibition reviews and travel stories. 

Work experience as a lecturer:

08/2020 - 012/2020

Guest teacher at Department of history Aarhus University, Denmark.

Guest teacher at Danish Media and Journalism School, Aarhus, Denmark

09/2017 - 09/2020

Lecturer at Department of Journalism, Charles University, Prague: lessons of journalistic work for students of 4th and 5th grade of Master degree, Charles University, Prague


Lecturer at INDUCT School in Prague 

 INDUCT - Interdisciplinary Network for Dementia Utilising Current Technology comprises 7 world-leading research organisations. I had a workshop  - How to present your project to the media and how to be prepared for an interview with journalists.

04/2016 - present

Lecturer of workshop Why media do not inform about me? Workshops for public audience together with Zlata Biedermannova (SeenMedia PR agency)

05/2015 – 08/2017 

Guest lecturer at Faculty of journalism of Charles University, Prague: lessons about journalistic work for students of 4th and 5th grade of Master degree, Charles University, Prague

Selected lectures and workshops:


Ethical dilemma for researchers in museums

- lecture and workshop for students of history Aarhus University

How Czech media have changed during the past 15 years

- lecture and discussion for students of journalism, Aarhus University

Stories of Czech Jewish teens in Denmark during WWII

- lecture about Judita´s project - historical research of 80 Czech Jewish teens in Denmark. Lecture for students of Jewish studies at Palacký University, Olomouc

Stories of Czech Jewish teens in Denmark during WWII

- for public audience in Municipal Library Dokk1, Aarhus, Denmark

- lecture about Judita´s project - historical research of 80 Czech Jewish teens in Denmark. Lecture for students of Central European History, Aarhus University

Kafka and his journeys all around Europe

- lecture about Judita´s project - historical research of 60 places in Europe, where used to travel / live famous writer Franz Kafka. The lecture was for employees of Radio Free Europe


Letter to a grandchild

Lecture for students of psychology and sociology, Warsaw University

Letter to a grandchild

Lecture for public audience as part of international conference Letter to a grandchild, Václav Havel Library, Prague

Stories of Czech Jewish teens in Denmark during WWII

Lecture as a part of opening ceremony - a celebration of Czech - Danish diplomatic relationships

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Czech Republic, Prague


Workshop for students of gerontology from international project INDUCT, Charles University, Prague


- Paideia - The European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden, Stockholm:

lecture and workshop about oral history for students of Paideia

- Masaryk University, Brno, (lecture about Czech Jewish teens in Denmark during WWII)


​- European Parliament - presentation of my project Sophie´s Choice / The Czech Way and projection of the film Into the North

- Workshop for students of College of Media and Journalism Prague, organised by Jewish Museum Prague. 

- lectures and workshops for teachers of history from Denmark and the UK, organised by the Danish Institute for International Studies


Workshop about media for Leica Gallery Prague


Workshop for students of Summer journalistic school, Havlíčkův Brod


Lectures about Jewish history in Central Europe - Summer School, Anglo-American University, Prague, 

2011 - 2014​

Lectures and workshop for winners of community student program Think Big, organised by Foundation Telefónica


- Intergenerational program of NGO One World (workshops for students of elementary schools about oral history)


- Jewish Museum Prague: (lectures and workshops about oral history)

- Jewish culture centre Copenhagen (presentation of project Sophie´s Choice / The Czech Way)


- Anglo-American University, Prague (Summer school for students of history and journalism, lectures about Jewish culture and history in central Europe)

- Yad Vashem - The World Holocaust Remembrance Center, Jerusalem: a lecture about Czech Jewish teens in Denmark during WWII

​Founder of research projects:

Sophie´s Choice - The Czech Way

Judita founded this project in 2010 when she found a forgotten story of 80 Czech Jewish teenagers. They left Czechoslovakia in 1939 and went to Denmark, where they survived in foster families. Later they lost connection for 70 years. Judita found 30 of them all around the world. She wrote the book "Friendship in spite of Hitler", she is author of the exhibition about this story and also she wrote the script for documentary movie Into the North (dir. Natasha Dudinski, production Mimesis)

Co-founder of Journeys of Franz K.

Czech photographer Jan Jindra is author of the project about famous writer Franz Kafka, Judita joined this project in 2003 and became the co-author. Jan and Judita did documentation of 70 places in Europe, where Kafka travelled for holiday or for a business trip. The main result of the project is exhibition and book "Journeys of Franz K." including Jan´s photo of authentic Kafka´s places and Judita´s texts. 

“The intergenerational program ‘Stories of Our Neighbours’

Comparison of the results of quantitative and qualitative research on Czech and Danish teenagers and their relationship to senior citizens.”

This is Judita´s PhD project focused on Czech and Danish teenagers, who are involved in the intergenerational program Stories of Our Neighbours. They record stories of seniors from the local community and create audio and video reportage from these interviews. They work on this project for six months and after that, they present the results of their research to the public audience. Judita records interviews with these teenagers during the whole six-month project and compare, what they said at the beginning of the project about seniors and what they are saying about seniors after the project is finished.

Coordinator of intergenerational project Letter to a grandchild

The international project compares letters of seniors from Poland, Germany and Czech Republic, which they wrote to their grandchildren. Judita is the coordinator of this project in Czech Republic. She organised an international conference in Prague, where came speaker from Poland and Germany. 

Articles and books:

- Articles in Lidové noviny newspapers, mainly about historical topics as Czech emigrants before and during WWII, life during communism regime, cultural reviews

- Book "Haredim" interview with Czech photographer Eliska Blazkova, 2018, publisher Nablizko 

- Book “In the footsteps of Franz Kafka”, 2009, publisher Academia

- Book “Friendship in spite of Hitler”, 2013, publisher Mladá fronta

- T"Our or the others" - the chapter about oral history in a textbook for teachers of elementary and secondary schools, 2013, Jewish Museum Prague

Selected solo exhibitions about project Sophies´s Choice / The Czech Way

Jewish Museum, Bratislava, Slovakia, 2016

Czech cultural centre, Vienna,  Austria, 2015

Vordingborg Library, Vordingborg, Denmark, 2015

Czech cultural centre, Dusseldorf, Germany, 2015

Helsingør Library, Helsingør, Denmark, 2014, more info

Jihlava City Hall, Czech Republic, 2014

Terezín Memorial, Czech Republic, 2014

Kolín synagogue, Czech Republic, 2014

Gilleleje Library, Denmark, 2013

Jewish cultural centre Mosaiske, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2013

Frøslevlejrens Museum, Padborg, Denmark, 2013

Naestved Museum, Denmark, 2013, more info

Copenhagen Jewish Culture centre, Denmark,  2013

Member of  the jury:

2016 – present

Intergenerational program for teenagers in Prague “Stories of our neighbours”

2011 - 2014

Community program for teenagers Think Big, organised by Foundation Telefonica.

Author of the script of the documentary film Into the North,

inspired by my research of Czech Jewish teens in Denmark during WWII

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