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"Journalistic work is full of joy, surprises, but also very painful moments. It is an endless adventure." This is what I am saying to my students. I have been a teacher at the Department of Journalism at the Charles University in Prague between the year 2017 - 2020.


In August 2020 I have accepted an offer to be a guest teacher for autumn semester at the department of history at Aarhus University and also a guest teacher at Danish School of Media and Journalism in Aarhus. Since January 2020 I work as a freelance lecturer, organizer of events and media consultant in Denmark.

Except for this pedagogical work at universities I am also a lecturer of media workshops, where I explain, how to present your project in media, what kind of materials are relevant for media and how to be prepared for an interview with journalists. Would you like to start media training? Contact me for more details.

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