Sometimes it starts with one article and grows up until much more. I have organized reunions of holocaust survivors, I created exhibitions about historical and cultural events, which were shown all around the world. I never do something traditional, I always follow specific stories in the project. 

Do you have project/research and you would like to show it to the public audience? I will create the whole concept, how it could be shown and find relevant partners for your project. Feel free to contact me and talk about details.

In footsteps of American soldier
In 2009 I did an interview with French artist Emmanuel Guibert. He is an author of comics trilogy about war veteran Alan Cope who was in American trop, which liberated Czech cities. I organized this journey for Emmanuel, who visited Pilsen and other places, where his hero was in 1945. Photo by Michal Šula / MAFRA
Book presentation in Prague
In 2013 I organized presentation of my book "In spite of Hitler" in the biggest bookstore Neoluxor in Prague, Czech Republic. Photo by Jan Jindra
Filming in Denmark
I organized filming plan for our team in 2013. We were filming documentary "Into the North" about group of 80 Czech Jewish teen, who survived in Scandinavia during the war. This is an interview with survivor Dita Kraus in Denmark. Photo by Rachael Cerrotti.
Honorary citizen
I organized this amazing meeting in Rajhrad, Czech Republic. Holocaust survivor Judit Shaked was born in Rajhrad, in 1939 she left hometown and survived in Scandinavia. Later on she moved to Israel. Her son Yuval brought her official document that Judit is honorary citizen of Rajhrad.
Adventure with Ben
Ben Abeles was teenager, when he arrived to London in 1939. He was in children transport organized by British clerk NIcholas Winton. I organized tour with Ben, he visited places, where he lived in London in 1939. Photo by Alzbeta Jungrova.
Exhibition about survivors
I organize exhibition tour of my story of 80 Czech Jewish teens had premiere. I am an author of the exhbition and also manager. The exhibition was shown in Denmark, Germany, Austria and Czech Republic.
International conference
I am the member of international project Letter to a grandchild. I am coordinator of Czech part and I organized international conference with speakers from Poland and Germany and also discussion with Czech seniors and teenagers in Václav Havel Library in October 2019. Photo by Jan Silpoch / Konto Bariery
Reunion after 70 years
In 2012 I organized a reunion of holocaust survivors, who did not see each others 70 years. It was part of my project about 80 Czech Jewish teens who survived in Scandinavia. The event was in 2012 in Neve Ilan nearby Jerusalem. Photo by Eliska Blazkova
Hidden in the woods
I published story of Jewish prisoner Mendel Janiak in main Czech newspapers. He escaped from transport from Auschwitz and he was hidding in the woods nearby Czech village Sokolec. I found Mendel´s relatives in USA. They had no idea there is every year ceremony of Sokolec´s citizens. They gather in the woods for memorial ceremony. I organize journey of Janiak´s relatives in Prague and Sokolec.
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Holocaust survivor in Lidice
Lidice was Czech village, which was completely destroyed by Nazis in 1942. British town Stoke-on-Trent organized financial help for survivors, this town also helped Asaf Auerbach and eight more Czech boys. They could stay in Stoke during the war. I organized journey of Asaf to Lidice Memorial.
Filming in Jerusalem
I had lecture in Yad Vashem - Holocaust memorial about 80 Czech Jewish teens survived in Scandinavia. I also organized reunion of survivors and filming interviews with them.
Lectures about media
I am lecturer at Charles University. I teach journalistic work students of Master program and also I am lecturer of workshops about media for public audience.
Kafka guided tour
I was guide for American author Kathi Diamant and her friends. She wrote a bestseller Kafka´s Last Love and she wanted to see places in Prague, where he lived. I also showed her Kafka´s grave.
Fulfilled dream after 70 years
I did an interview with holocaust survivor Lisa Mikova. She dreamt about career of fasion designer before the war. I showed her sketches to professional designer Hanna Soukupova (on the right) and she created three dressed according Lisa´s sketches.
Reunion after 72 years
Hugo Marom was teenager years, when he left Czechoslovakia in children transport and went to UK. He became part of RAF and later he was pilot of Hagana army in Israel. He told me his step-brother Petr dissapeared in 1939. I found Petr and Hugo visited places, where they lived together.
Famous shoemaker
Tomas Bata was owner of famous shoe factory with shops all around the world. He was from Czechoslovakia and he built up communities of Bata in Europe and overseas. I organized meetings of relatives of Bata´s employees in Canada.
Grandmother´s town
Hana Dubova was born in Prague in 20´s and in 1939 she went to Scandinavia. After the war she moved to USA. I did documentation of her lifestory and I found her family in Boston. Hana´s daughter Janet Seckel-Cerrotti and her daughter Rachael came to Kolin, where Hana spent her childhood. I organized for them guided tour.
Holocaust survivor in town
Margit Meissner was holocaust survivor, she lived in Washington and she was volunteer at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. I organized for Margit tour in Jihlava, hometown of her husband Frantisek and meeting with students of local schools.
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